The 'it' Knit

Posted by Francesca Batley on

So, if you're following us on Instagram, you may have noticed that we are just a teeny tiny bit obsessed with our Choker Jumpers. (If you're not already following us but would like to, then click here)

We currently own three ourselves in Khaki, Wine, & Navy. Admittedly, we are also eyeing up the Black, but is four of the same Jumper excessive? Well, after much deliberation, we think not and here's our (rational as ever) reasoning. 

1. It's hard work washing and drying knitwear overnight. There really is only so much we can do with such limited time. Therefore, more than one of the same Choker Jumper is totally necessary if you're planning on wearing it multiple times in the same week (or in our case, everyday of the week). 

2. We'd only regret not purchasing an additional colour when it comes to the party season and we're just too cold to wear any of our glitzy (but far too skimpy outfits) that we had planned to. We're visualising hair up, Choker Jumper on and some sparkly jewels. Now that's how we enjoy the party without freezing our disco butts off. 

3. Flattering and versatile? Yes and yes, now here comes the long list of suitable accompaniments. Skinny Jeans, Faux Leather Trousers (totally glam), Leather Look Leggings, Faux Leather Skirt (tucked in at the front), Faux Fur Gilet thrown over the top, Thick Black Tights (If you're petite, rock the Jumper Dress!) or Leggings (for an off duty look)... we'll stop there! 

So there you have it, three very convincing reasons to prove that buying the same Choker Jumper in four different colours is totally acceptable. 

Love MM x

Ps. the above may also apply to any item of clothing you wish! 

Khaki Choker JumperRed Wine Choker Jumper

Navy Blue Choker Jumper